associates researchers, professionals and businesses focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing.


We have over 20 years of professional experience in science and industry. We can help you to innovate, transform and optimize your organization.


One of our fundamental values is security. We can plug into your organization to perform security adits to make it more resistant to cyber-attacks.


New technology won't stop you. You don't have to hire expensive experts in another technology. We can develop core parts of the system and provide a modern API for your developers so they can seamlessly jump into new technologies.


Do you need to perform research but don't have an expert in a particular field? We can take care of it. We are researchers with appropriate contacts and experience in fields such as Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Algorithms.

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We deliver world-class, high-quality IT products that work in production

We are a team of experienced developers and scientists. Our wide range of experience in science, security, programming, optimization and administration will move your company's performance to a higher level. Our main fields of services:

  • Blockchain programming
  • Tor website hosting
  • NFT Tokens
  • Smart contracts (Solidity/YUL)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Process automation
  • API development
  • Cybersecurity

Full stack blockchain and AI solutions

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on all aspects of product development. With us, you have a solution where you pay as you go, which means that it doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a corporation - our solution will fit your needs.


Smart contracts

Development and deployment of smart contracts on Blockchain in Solidy/YUL languages.


Blockchain gas usage optimization

We review source codes of existing Solidity smart contracts for gas usage reduction and optimize them.


Automated tokens minting

We provide a wide range of blockchain services as a REST API to let you focus on your business.


Blockchain monitoring

Monitoring of blockchains status, monitoring and notification of blockchain addresses status changes.


Ethereum domains

Ethereum addresses registration in ENS (.eth domains) and other blockchain services.


Tor services

We take care of hosting websites in the Tor network and mining .onion domains with arbitrary lengths using HPC.

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